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Image by Briana Tozour
  • What will my mentor do?
    Your mentor will offer support and encouragement throughout your pregnancy. She can also connect you with other organizations that offer support to pregnant and parenting women. Your preferences for communication frequency and hopes for your mentorship experience will be used to select a mentor for you.
  • How much does it cost?
    It's free!
  • How often will my mentor talk to me?
    You and your mentor will decide how often you want to check in and what form of communication you prefer.
  • What happens after I have my baby?
    The mentorship occurs throughout your entire pregnancy. After you have your baby, your mentor will work with you to make sure you are connected with helpful post-partum support before the mentorship officially ends.
  • What if I am choosing adoption?
    Adoption is a great option! You can still have a mentor for support throughout your pregnancy.
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